Organic scents and oils filled the air when we invited Aromatherapist, Lou Rea from Neal’s Yard Remedies to introduce some wonderful lotions and potions. And to quote Lou, who nicked a line from Vic & Bob, ‘ you have to smell to get Well’ !

Lou brought an array of essence oils; Rose, Frankincense, ginger, lavender, orange, grapefruit……and much much more. The carers choose their fave oils to make perfume, hand cream and bath oil……all natural not one synthetic drop got into that room.
We learnt how frankincense could help heal from loss and also aid as a barrier to protect from emotionally draining situations….

Followed by versatile orange, with its comfy familiar aroma and power to lift your spirits or on the opposite end, make you feel like you’re cocooned in your favourite throw, in your favourite space with your favourite person, which we suggest is YOU!

A big Thank you to everyone who participated and to Lou, who no doubt we will see again at Caring Changes. Watch this space for more activities, alternative therapies and guest speakers.