I work for http://www.humankindcharity.org.uk

My role 

“I support and work alongside family members and loved ones who are living with addiction in their life. The carer’s role can be all consuming and exhausting. I enjoy exploring ways to enhance the carer’s well-being and lifestyle. Listening to the carer’s needs and looking at options to ease their pain and frustration through 1:1 support, alternative holistic therapies, group work and respite, allows me to fully support each carer with their own vision, hopes and practical solutions.”

Why I enjoy it

“I have been totally inspired by the carers and their shared stories which were highlighted by the Caring Changes documentary first shown at the service launch in 2017. The support the carers give each other demonstrates the warmth, patience and compassion they have for their family’s and loved ones. To be a part of such a compassionate forum makes my role a privileged one, there is also genuine spirit within the team to work towards a shared vision.”